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** buy disulfiram in australia – Please print this, fill it out and bring 1 for each of your your entries to the weigh-off.

Operation Pumpkin and GPC Sanctioned Site Rules & Regulations for Giant
Pumpkins and Squash
Hamilton, Ohio on October 13th, 14th, 2017. Giant Pumpkins/Squash Registration @ 11 AM on
Friday 10/13/17, Weigh-off to start @ 2:30 PM. Giant Watermelon and all other entries on Saturday 10/14/17,
Registration @ 10 AM weigh-off to start at 1PM.
Please note: In order for your pumpkin or squash to be unloaded properly, it must be on a
standard 4 way-pallet.
A Weigh-Off Entry Form is required for each entry. If an entry does not have a Weigh-Off
Form, the entry will not be counted toward prize money nor submitted to the GPC.
Site rules:
1. Membership to the Southern Ohio Giant Pumpkin Growers is open to everyone. Club
Dues are $25/year and must be paid in full by October 1, 2017, If paid after October 1,
Dues are $35 to compete in the weigh-off.
2. Only one entry per person per category with a maximum of two entries per family. One
cash prize per family per category. Second entry will receive the appropriate
plaque/ribbon but the prize money will be passed down one notch. A child over 18 who
resides with parents and grows his/her own entry will be considered a separate family.
3. If a grower enters 2 fruits in the pumpkin category, prize money will go to the heaviest
and both entries are be eligible for the “Howard Dill” award (true pumpkin).
4. Entries will be judged by weight alone.
5. Vine must be pruned to within 1″ of stem.
6. Entries must be free of foreign matter. Captan, wax, lemon pledge, and grafting wax
must be washed from pumpkins for the health and safety of lifters.
7. Entries must be in good sound condition. All entries must be free of rot, holes and/or
cracks through to cavity, chemical (fungicide) residue, and serious soft spots.
Disqualified entries may be weighed for “exhibition” only.
8. Entries must be grown by the exhibitor. Growers do not have to be present if health, age,
etc. prohibits. Must be approved by the site coordinator, Tony Vanderpool, prior to
9. Judges decisions are final.
10. In the event of a tie of two or more places all entries that are tied will have the prize
money for the places that are tied added together then split equally amongst the places
that are involved.
11. Entries cannot have been weighed at any other weigh-off.
12. No frozen or preserved entries will be permitted.
13. Operation Pumpkin, the Southern Ohio Giant Pumpkin Growers, and the Great Pumpkin
Commonwealth will not be responsible for any injury or accident associated with the
pumpkin weigh-off.
14. For anyone with a pumpkin or squash over 600lbs., please plan to donate 25% up to a
maximum of 100 seeds to the Southern Ohio Giant Pumpkin Growers. The seeds will be
used to raise money for the club. Seeds from Cantaloupes, Long Gourds, Tomatoes,
and Watermelons would also be appreciated. Growers will not be opening up the
pumpkins as they will be apart of the festival and will be collected by the SOGPG after
carving or any other event that the fruit will be a part of.
15. All entries will be retained for display through the duration of the Operation Pumpkin
Festival. If the grower is unable to pick up his/her entry at the conclusion of Operation
Pumpkin, the SOGPG will do so and retrieve and process the seeds and send them to
their respective grower minus 25% up to a maximum of 100 seeds.
16. Carved Pumpkins/Squash are to be given to and displayed at Weigh Off Sponsor
Sites. Seeds will be saved.
Squash Rules -Site Rules above apply in addition to the color rule below
1. Squash will be classified as follows- 100% of the following colors or color combinations
green, blue, and gray. The surface area of the fruit as grown in the garden, not including
the portion that was in contact with, or close proximity to the ground will be considered.
This area will include the area between the ribs, around the stem, and the blossom end.
This will not include any netting (cantaloping), any discoloration caused by the close
proximity to the ground, or minimal amounts of white striping or mottling associated with
some squash.
2. Any squash that does not meet the color rules will be weighed as a pumpkin.
Long Gourds
1. The long gourd competition is strictly for length.
2. To obtain a measurement the long gourd must be on a horizontal flat surface that will
support the entire length of the specimen.
3. Only a metal tape measure or a carefully calibrated sliding device may be used for the
4. No part of the stem will be considered in the total length.
5. The measurement must be the straight line horizontal distance from the end of the gourd
near the base of the stem to the tip at the blossom end. No curvature of the gourd is to
be used to increase the measurement.
6. All specimens must be sound, whole and firm.
7. The tip of the gourd must be firm and in good condition. Those with a tip that is rotten,
shriveled or rubbery should be left at home. If such a specimen does appear at a GPC
site, it may be listed as damaged (DMG).
8. Recognizing that the perfect long gourd is a rarity, very minor surface cracks, soft spots
and other flaws may be permitted at the discretion of the GPC judges.
Field Pumpkins
1. Field pumpkins are classified as having a hard, green stem.
2. Green (unripe) field pumpkins are allowed as official entries.
3. Site Rules apply, with the exception that a damaged spot may not exceed 2 inches in
diameter for field pumpkins.
1. No frozen specimens will be allowed.
2. Site Rules apply, with the exception that a damaged spot may not exceed 2 inches in
diameter for watermelon.
3. Cracks or damage into the interior pink flesh will be classified as DMG.
4. Fruit may not leak, any liquid coming from fruit will be considered DMG
1. All tomatoes must be healthy; a healthy tomato must be free of significant soft spots or
2. Skin may be cracked but not leaking.
3. Tomato must be weighed on certified scales, calibrated to 2 decimal places in pounds or
pounds and ounces.
4. Tomato weights must be reported in pounds and ounces to 2nd decimal place. (ie: 6
pounds 5.53 ounces)
5. Stem must be cut within .5 inches of the specimen.
6. Green fruit will be allowed as official entries.
7. Specimen must be weighed on a certified scale of appropriate sensitivity.
8. No frozen specimens will be allowed.
9. The entirety of the fruit flesh must be connected – pictures or video must show this.
No prize money for Cantaloupes, Bushel Gourds, etc.. but they will be weighed if entered
Seeds donated from Giant Pumpkins, Field Pumpkins, Squash, Cantaloupes, Long Gourds,
and Tomatoes would be appreciated. The seeds will be used to raise money for the club